SSEN Energy Advice Project

SSEN Energy Advice Project

30th August 2019

SSEN Energy Advice Project

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) have provided funding to the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau Service to undertake work to help people in Northern Scotland with energy issues.. CABs in Shetland, Western Isles, South West Aberdeenshire and East and Central Sutherland have received funding, with advisors already in place.

The work for the Western Isles will be run by Kenneth Macleod of the Western Isles Citizens Advice Service working with the energy team at TIghean Innse Gall .

Support will be given by Advisors-

  • Help with Fuel Debts,
  • Resolve Billing issues,
  • Switching Energy Supplier Advice,
  • Benefit Checks,
  • Referrals to Warm Home Discount Scheme,
  • Referrals to TIG Energy Advisors for Energy Efficiency measures

Please contact Kenneth on

  • 01851 705727

And please check our

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